Pruning Thats and Hads and Finding the Value of True Friends
Tweeting the Meeting; Week of March 8-14, 2021

Finding Nemo—and Throwing Him Back as Quickly as Possible


Every so often I check Lloyd’s tweets—I have rechristened him Nemo. To my surprise, he has denounced a (huge) online forum as not a safe space for ex-JW’s. I think it is because someone there called him out on how overbearing and self-important he has become.

Yes, many ex-JWs can't stand him,” Annabel chimed in.

Being flesh, it is so easy for attention to go to our head. I have had enough bad experience in life that I don’t think I am easily vulnerable. When your head is stuffed into the toilet, upon extracting that appendage, you do not say, “I guess I taught that toilet a thing or two, didn’t I?”

Still, I take nothing for granted, From time to time, brothers I do not know who have enjoyed this or that post or even book want to Zoom with me. I won’t. Email is enough. It would be very easy to be general of a movement. I won’t do it.

I tell such friends tongue-in-cheek that with me it is 2 Corinthians 10:10, that while they might find my writing “weighty and forceful,” my personal presence was weak and my speech contemptible.

When I pulled that on Nemo—for from the moment I saw him he tried to lure me on his podcast, and I never had any intention of going, but I strung him along for a while—he taunted me for the longest time on how I thought my words were “weighty and forceful.”

He is so abusive. But I got in my licks.

Like when he tweeted certain woman’s groups the same “countdown” message for 50 straight days, trying to get his former faith in hot water, and they ignored him. His own people said, “If they choose not to respond, you have to respect that.” Finally I appended to his tweet, “It’s as though he says to these women, “G*******t, ANSWER ME when I talk to you!!”

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