You don’t wash windows with sleeved wand in one hand and spray bottle in the other!
One Fine Discussion along Bob Dylan’s Evolution Row

Tweeting the Meeting—Week Beginning February 22, 2021

Midweek meeting:

That drawing of the 70 incense-offering elders reminded me of the proverbial smoke-filled rooms of politics. #midweekmeeting

It has nothing to do with anything, but the footnote reads: “There is no factual basis for the claim that Tammuz is another name for Nimrod.” For the sake of old-timers who think it is from Hislop’s book, The Two Babylons. Used 2B able to get it at the KH, though not WT published

In pure innocent mode I once wandered into a religious bookstore to ask if they carried The Two Babylons by Hislop. They indignantly answered they did not! Later, Hislop renounced his own writing as ill-informed.

Huh! For context, Joe relates how in taking leave from a king, you often had to back out. It was disrespectful and forbidden to turn your back to him. Fits well with that Ezekiel 8:16 scene of those praying ne’er do wells with backs to Jehovah. #midweekmeeting

Weekend Meeting:

The speaker today was an unbeliever when I first met him. His toddler son required a serious operation and the hospital said no way would they do it without blood. His believing wife wanted no blood. He supported her. ...1/3

They took the child to an out-of-state hospital where they do that type of bloodless surgery all the time, and the boy came through. ...2/3

So impressed was he with the hospitality of those friends, none of whom his wife knew beforehand, that he began studying with Witnesses himself.....3/3

He delivered a fine talk, all the better because an interested person, a young man my wife found via phone witnessing, attended for first time the Zoom meeting Whenever that happens, you monitor the public talk in a unique way, hope for the best. The speaker did not disappoint.

This new visitor—my wife has conversed with him several times—is adept with online tools. He instantly downloaded the NWT. He quickly got his head around all aspects of He has frequently used it for himself and in speaking with others.

Someone exploded this verse “For sadness in a godly way produces repentance leading to salvation, leaving no regret; but the sadness of the world produces death.” The right “sadness” leaves “no regret” afterwards; the “sadness of the world” does. #watchtowerstudy

David hoped to be one to build the temple but the symbolism wasn’t right—he, the man of war. It had to wait for a man of peace.

That odd passage at 1 Kings 22 sidetracked me temporarily as I began to think of mischievous modifications and uses that I could put it to: “So he said, ‘You will fool him, and what is more, you will be successful. Go out and do that.’” Certain online people had better behave, that’s all I can say.

Thank you, Janie’s mom, for the best comment of the day. She says how she’s elderly, blind, and thought she could do nothing, but speaking with an elder helped her realize that she could.

An announcement at the end with confirmation that the new J&J vaccine contains no blood fraction, followed by (I love this): “Medical care is a personal decision. We do not attempt to make choices for others.”

Of the breakout rooms afterwards where there is abundant chatter and when they end everyone spills into the main area, jumbling all boxes, the visiting speaker said, “It’s like being in a blender.”

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That 1 Kings 22 citation has been a favorite of mine.
I imagine a bunch of work groups at tables, with a small number of angels in each, brainstorming, like we used to do at school.
I like the plan, and Jehovah's response, and encouraging words.

I also like that the fella who has to be contrarian and tell the king the truth is going against 400(!) others, and doesn't bat an eye.

More recently my favorite scripture has been Jonah 4:4. I still say my answer is "Yes". At least for now.

[Tom: “It’s always better when you can play with these images some, picture in a school setting, for instance. I like it.]

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