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Tweeting the Meeting: Week of April 5, 2021—Visit of the Circuit Overseer

Midweek Meeting:

For the “I...Am your Inheritance” opening talk the speaker made reference to the Wilkes-Barre convention. It was worrisome when the Rochester convention was cancelled with but 3 weeks to go, but a substitution was quickly made.

Someone commented on Numbers 19:22, “ Anything the unclean one touches will be unclean...” That’s how it works, it’s why Paul says “Bad associations spoil useful habits. Sometimes good rubs off on bad, but much more likely bad on good.

Another reference to how you just can’t thumb your nose at the whole arrangement, and how that triggers punishment more than the offense itself:...1/2

“But the man who is unclean and who will not purify himself, that person must be cut off from the congregation, because he has defiled Jehovah’s sanctuary. (Numbers 19:20)...2/2

That white brother has still not figured out how to put down his brown Zoom hand. Unless it is some sort of gesture of “solidarity,” but usually we figure we are solid enough in the congregation and don’t go in for such things....1/2

He does come from a liberal background, though. Hmm....2/2

The final student talk cites a favorite Rev 4:11 verse of mine: “You are worthy, Jehovah our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you created all things, and because of your will they came into existence and were created.” Of course.

Covid reminders is the topic of Local Needs. Really? I suppose. “Beware Caution Fatigue” was an Governing Body update not too long ago. There is a current resurgence.

“Happy is the man who is always on guard, But whoever hardens his heart will fall into calamity.” Proverb 28:14. But I have my app set on Reference Bible, which says the man is “feeling dread constantly.”

(Footnote on the Study Bible is: Or ‘who is never without fear’)

A smart phone is buzzing. Is it ours? my wife says. I don’t think so—our doesn’t sound like that. I think it is the speaker’s. Once, it did that onstage, and flummoxed, he answered it! “Wrong number,” he said after listening.

17 were announced aux pioneering for the month. That’s a lot. The CO is with us. It is his 6th visit? Is he gone? It is usually 6 and out. “You want our answer?”  the CO says. “We have no idea.” Next month they expect to find out.

My guess is they will stay—not mess with things during Zoom. On the other hand...Zoom may last awhile. Life must resume.

Weekend Meeting:

It is the Circuit Overseer’s visit this week. I wrote his opening talk up separately. The other two I won’t touch much on account of spoiler-alert. He gives the same talks over the course of 6 months. The title Sunday, tho, is ‘Jesus Christ—World Conquerer—How and When?’

He does bring his Dad into the picture—he always does. Dad, teaching his son how to drive the AstroVan onto metal ramps (to change the oil) and how that is daunting at first for fear you will drive over the edge, which he did. (and I did, too)

He drove it over a 2nd time! His brother (who had done it right) was cracking up with laughter, just like mine does when he wins at Scrabble by cheating. It’s embarrassing to drive over the ramps because you have to jack the car up to pull them out.

Of course, he uses his Dad to illustrate the Greater Dad. “Son, you’ve got this,” his dad reassured him after giving more instruction. And the third time he did it right.

Alas, my Dad didn’t teach me many practical skills. I called him out on it years later. “How come you didn’t teach me car or home repair?” “I did,” the amiable fellow replied, “but you weren’t paying attention that day.”

Watchtower Study:

63 scriptures! [the conductor’s count, not mine. I just knew there were a lot.] in the Watchtower study—unusually high. What an impossible study to cut in two because the circuit overseer is visiting.

The Head of Every Man is the Christ’ is the theme. Sorry, with no paragraphs read, I can’t quite take the time to tweet.

Except for the opening verse about ‘making the word of God invalid because of your tradition.’ (Mark 7:13) I thought of Fiddler on the Roof where Tevye sings on and on about tradition.

Much as I like that musical, if it is of things on which God provides instruction (not everything is), should not he be singing ‘invalid?’

It’s sort of too bad. This article, counsel for husbands, unusually heavy with scriptures, deserves a full hour. Next week’s follow-up, counsel for wives, will not be truncated, as the CO has moved on. “That’s about right,” I tell my wife.

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