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Tweeting the Meeting: Week of June 14, 2021

Weekend Meeting

The visiting #publictalk speaker is from the South Rome (no, not THAT Rome) congregation, the chum since 5th grade of the former COBE, says the former COBE: “Gaining Comfort in all Our Tribulations” the theme of the talk.

He cites rising anxiety, depression rates, increase of mass shootings—they’re quite frequent now. It is what you would do to open a talk with the theme Gaining Comfort in all our Tribulations. Quick reference to 2 Tim 3:1–critical times hard to deal with

Now a reference to Paul’s thorn in the flesh that was not going away because “my undeserved kindness is sufficient for you; for [my] power is being made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor 12:9) with follow up on how we today can cope with thorns.

Now a reference to mental health issues and how they are not visible but as or more serious that certain ailments that ARE visible. The speaker speaks from the heart on account of a family member to does have such problems.


Watchtower Study: STUDY ARTICLE is from the April 2021 magazine, entitled: Learning From Jesus’ Final Words“

Theme scripture: This is my Son, the beloved, whom I have approved. Listen to him.”​—MATT. 17:5.

“I realize that being forgiving does not mean that I condone offenses or allow others to take advantage of me. It just means that I choose to let go of resentment.” (Ps. 37:8) … we are choosing not to let negative experiences make us bitter.​—Eph. 4:31, 32. (Para 4)

“Well, He’s not unforgiving to THAT extent, one can say of God, since he’s still making his sun shine on the ne’er do wells (Matt 5:45)—who are we to force it to set. It only hurts US to not forgive—almost doesn’t matter the the offender deserves it or not.

Ha! The bro who started the meeting outside outside is now inside. It gets hot on that deck doesn’t it, Sammy?

‘Moving right along’ the conductor says as verrrryyyy mild response to the bro who is given to expound—or is that my imagination?

He was fully human and needed to die so as to “taste death for everyone.” —Heb. 2:9, one sis cites the point, also the no-protective-hedge of Job 1:10, tho the paragraph gives possible reasons for Matt 27:46, acknowledging ‘the Bible does not say.’

On the paragraph of ‘making needs known,’ one teary comment of someone with unexpected and severe needs who did make them known and is overwhelmed with emotion at the response.

It is a pithy enough lesson from Jesus words (I am thirsty) to repeat: “It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help” since we are to each carry his own load but to share each other’s burdens.

“We need to let people know when we need help,” one sis says, “so that they can have the privilege of giving help.” People can be too stoic.


Weekday Meeting. Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 5-6


Of course, the featured theme tonight will be ‘Teach your Children,’ on Account of Deut 6:6-7. “These words that I am commanding you today must be on your heart,  and you must inculcate them in your sons and speak of them when you sit in your house …1/2

and when you walk on the road and when you lie down and when you get up.”

“Of course, you need not incessantly “lecture” your children about Bible truths,” the workbook says….2/2

Ha! Whenever I start a story about ANYTHING these days, my grown kids say, “Dad, you’ve told that story a hundred times!” They’re just trying to get my goat. It can’t be THAT many….3/3

When Jehovah your God brings you into the land … full of all sorts of good things that you did not work for … and you have eaten and become satisfied, be careful not to forget Jehovah, who brought you … out of the house of slavery. (Deut 6:11-12)…..Beware the trap of ingratitude


On teaching by example, my grown daughter gave me the highest complement. “Dad, you never talked about prejudice. It is just in how you were, never treating anyone any different.” Woe to any childhood suburban chum who said anything prejudicial. …1/2

They’d pick it up usually from school, but our daughter did homeschool. “Careful not to offend her, she’s touchy” they would say. “Forget ME—what about Jehovah!?” she recalls it now…..2/2

“Display Unfailing Love in Your Family” is the video played. Three home-from-the-meeting trainwreck scenarios, followed by three let’s-try-that-over-again scenarios, all examples of applying 1) Eph 5:28-29 (husbands),  2) Eph 5:33 (wives), 3: Deut 6:6-7 (parents)

(Yes, but what about the game-winning score the fellow missed?)

Doesn’t trinity make God someone unknowable? Doesn’t hellfire make him someone you wouldn’t want to know? Unscriptural doctrines carted to the curb by JWs 100 years ago.

In that paragraph about unity—there is a convention photo—an enormous gathering. I wonder when we will see those again?

It reminds me of some local church group whose advertised draw—signs are posted here & there—is that you can come in sweatpants. I dunno, is that what you really want to be known for as your #1 draw?

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