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Tweeting the Meeting: Week of July 26, 2021

Weekend Meeting: Study article today is from the May 2021 Wt: Jehovah Will Give You Strength“

Theme scripture: When I am weak, then I am powerful.”​—2 COR. 12:10.

Another abbreviated one, due to the streamed convention to follow.

Para 3: “Regardless of our circumstances, Jehovah can empower us to cope with personal challenges and still serve him to the extent that our circumstances allow.”

This so reminds me of my favorite CO whose trademark expression was ‘Just do the best you can.’….1/2

A man of wisdom and empathy, he was immensely popular with the friends, but there were a few hard-liners who fretted that some would seize upon his words as reason to do nothing…..2/2

“A thorn in the flesh” for Paul “so that [he] might not be overly exalted.” (2 Corinthians 12:7) Not a bad way to view adversities. Maybe you’d be puffed up, overbearing, and obnoxious without them.

How many letters of the apostle Paul were written while he was under house arrest and may have not been written otherwise? #jailbird

Para 5: “Although at times Paul was limited in what he could do, he made the most of his situation, and it “actually turned out for the advancement of the good news.”​—Phil. 1:12.

Indications that young Timothy was a timid soul: Counsel to him that God gave us not a spirit of cowardness, (2 Tim 1:7), that he ought not let the old guys look down on him, (1 Tim 4:12), reference to his ‘frequent bouts of illness.” (5:23)

“Can you put yourself in this picture?” the conductor asked of a picture showing several happily associating, and I envisioned a baby saying how much he identified with that babe in arms.

Discussion of Eccles 11:6 & how you don’t know how things will turn out.

“Sow your seed in the morning and do not let your hand rest until the evening; for you do not know which will have success, whether this one or that one, or whether they will both do well.”

It’s a wrap. Streamable Saturday Pm session of the convention follows at jw.org.


Midweek Meeting: Assigned Bible reading: Deuteronomy 19-21.


Whoa! That elder that follows me here, the worst speaker in the circuit, if not the world, uses ME in an illustration of cities of refuge. Maybe I don’t maintain my car, he says, and the parking brake slips  & the car rolls and deadens him! Heightening the illustration to….1/2

incorporate intent, he says what if I released the brake ON PURPOSE? Two others congregation members he picked on as well. This means war! Then his caveat that I would never do such a thing. He doesn’t know me very well, does he?…2/2

And what if he was checking his phone, he says, and a bad accident occurred? He would like to say he has never checked his phone while driving, but it would be a lie and preparing this talk was a wake-up call for him.

Who would have thought it? Bible reading that triggers a meeting with safety as the theme. Like if you clocked your neighbor with an axe head flew off the ax it was not nothing—you’d spend the rest of your days in a city of refuge….(Deut 19:5)….1/2

until the high priest died. Doesn’t THAT remind you of another provision, a greater high priest who when he dies pays the penalty for unintentional sin?…2/2

Does this hanging out and holding court at the gate remind us of anything, the next speaker says. Hmm. Where is he going with this? Hanging out in the parking lot after the meeting?

Brianna makes a nice comment about ‘deforestation’ based on Deut 20:19–“In case you lay siege …you must not ruin its trees by wielding an ax against them; for you should eat from them, and you must not cut them down, for is the tree of the field a man to be besieged by you?

You’d better not “hate your fellow man” is my takeaway from Deut 19:4-6, because if you did and then a fatal accident occurred you might have a hot time trying to explain your way out of it….1/2

“When he strikes his fellow man unintentionally and he did not previously hate him.  …However, he did not deserve to die, [should an enraged near relative off him before he reached a city of refuge] since he did not previously hate his fellow man.”….2/2

“Alright, listen up, guys! Who is a big chicken here?” “Um, that would be me,” comes a voice from the back, and on that basis he was excused from military service!…1/2

“The officers should also ask the people, ‘Who is fearful and fainthearted? He should return to his house, so that he may not cause his brothers to lose heart as he has.’” (Deut 20:8)…2/2

Yikes! The elder I love to tease, who sired the elder who is the worst speaker in the world, is householder in the RV talk, and alludes to the made-up scenario (chopping wood where the ax handle flies off) of the first talk. He also was targeted in that 1rst talk, besides me.1/2

Now I wonder if the third targeted person will speak up—the sister that served him food and accidentally poisoned him to death….2/2

That #1 speaker died three times in his fictional scenarios. He may be the worst speaker in the circuit, if not the world, but he doesn’t deserve THAT….3/3

Looks like for sure that near-miss really happened, and right there at HQ. And yes, that is the Hudson that the bro is biking down later—very scenic.

Hm. Maybe not. I mean, it looks like the Hudson and U.S. branch—I recognize the covered parking lot. On the other hand, they’re all the same and there is oriental lettering on the building.

It took awhile for the safety theme to catch on. In the 90s, the unsafety-conscious might try to blow past the safely bro at the Assembly Hall build site, for example. But he was chastened to learn that the safety bro could have him tossed from the job, no matter how essential.

And tho ‘safety’ is only a setup line in this case, I recall Leo’s public talk on the challenge of counseling those touchy: “Bro, I noticed one of your tires is very low & I wanted to let you know because of safety.” Oh yeah? comes the answer. Well, your car has a dented fender!

Hm. That sis is unplugging devices not in use rather than overloading the power strip. And she puts the boiling pot on the back burner, not the front where the child can tip it. I suppose this means when at the top of an extension ladder, I cannot walk it a few inches by bouncing

The guy in the prison jump suit reminds me of the guy who called me from across the street after he initially did not answer the door. He’d done 30 years in Attica for armed robbery in which someone died. “I was high as a kite on cocaine” he said, “a stupid kid.” …1/2

I looked and looked for that guy again, calling at all times and hours, and I never found him again. …2/2

Many people have done some serious repenting in prison. Sometimes they are victims of injustice themselves. You don’t write anyone off.

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