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To Jab or Not to Jab: That is the Question—Part 2

“We know it can be difficult to make a wise decision when there are various opinions and conflicting reports that the world provides, perhaps making it hard to know what to believe,” said Stephen Lett on Boy, he sure got that right!

There have been adverse reactions to Covid vaccines. How common are they? One in a hundred or one in a million? How serious are they? Like stubbing your toe? Or like being struck by lightening? These are the questions that matter. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find answers to them, but it is. So Bethel tells what it knows, which is not everything, but it does fill in a lot of blanks.

They tell of those they find easiest to track—fellow Bethelites and special full-time servants—22,000 of the first and 44,000 of the second who have gone ahead with vaccination. Of the 66,000, four reported “severe adverse reactions that may be linked” to the vaccine. Those four are now all “stable and their conditions under control.”

These “statistics have been collected by our brothers, so we can trust these figures,” Lett says. And we can. It’s not a scientific study. It’s data. As data, it may be better than a scientific study. Alas, “follow the science” has become a joke these days, with everyone spinning it their preferred way and calling it “the science.” We have all learned from experience that if one study doesn’t go our way, just hold out for the next one that may.

Four out of 66,000 works out to .006%. I wouldn’t want to be that in that .006% but it seems pretty unlikely I would be. How much comfort I would take in my condition being “stable and under control” would depend upon just what that condition was. But doesn’t it roughly correspond to the odds of being struck by lightning or going down in a plane crash? In a world of 8 billion people you can find countless examples of anything. 

At Bethel they are Bible-only people, and they are chomping at the bit to get back to their sole reason for being. Their special mandate is to prepare and distribute the spiritual food. Covid-19 just gets in their way. Take the vaccine and be done with it, seems their position. They can look around themselves and see people are not dropping dead once they take it. Might it cause long-term problems down the road? Well, so will Armageddon if left unannounced, so they don’t dare unannounce it. Bro Lett concludes with the line, using gestures peculiarly his, “The coronavirus is not the worst trial to strike out at all mankind and it won’t be the last. We can expect things to deteriorate even further as these last days march on till their end.”

In this eighth Governing Body update since Covid-19 began, he also relates some disaster relief efforts and introduces the next year’s text: “Those seeking Jehovah will lack nothing good.” (Ps 34:10) They are putting the pandemic behind them. Were lockdowns the answer and had the world followed their lead, Covid-19 would be a distant memory by now, since they locked down almost immediately. Been there, done that, they say of lockdown, it’s time to move on. They invite everyone to “get behind” them, which led one bro to say, “get behind them in what?” Take the vaccine is the first interpretation that comes to mind.

I admit this has not gone down the way I thought it would—you can’t always get your way. Several months ago, it was ‘vaccination is a health care matter and we do not presume to choose for others on such things.’ Later the statement was made that Witnesses were not anti-vaccine, apparently to counter the impression of some that they were, and it was pointed out some at Bethel have chosen to accept the vaccine. Then that “some” turned out to be just about everyone—99% in the U.S! It’s ‘pedal to the metal’ time there. You are not allowed to do stuff without the vaccine. You are allowed to do stuff with it. So they take it and move on. If it hasn’t gone down the way I thought it would, it has gone down in a way to get things done, so maybe I should have figured it. 

Now, the trouble with all this, if there is one, is that you may suspect the Bethel brothers haven’t looked deeply into what’s cautionary of the vaccine. It is a downside of being single-minded. Do you suspect they just monitor media that ardently cheers the one hand and does all in its power to proclaim Tevye-like that “there IS no other hand”—which satisfies them because they want to get back to serious work?

If there’s one thing Witnesses are convinced of, it’s that this whole system of things is going down. Whoever looks aside from the plow is not well-suited for the kingdom of God—you know they’re not going to forget that Luke 9:62 verse. If one set of scoundrels isn’t driving the whole world into this ditch, then another set is driving it into that ditch. Who cares about winning a shoving match with Big Pharma or the conniving globalists? Losing out to the “normal” ungodly state of things is just as bad, and that’s what the pharma and globalist enemies want to get back to.

Of course, Bethel will never tell people to get vaccinated. They will not forget that “we are fellow workers for your joy” and not “masters over your faith.” (2 Corinthians 1:24) They will remember well: “Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls.” But they will lead by example, and this they are doing.

Maybe it’s because I hang out online a lot that I have come across a lot of friends aghast that the organization would so quickly embrace the Covid vaccine. Some of these friends are not listening to “the voice of strangers,” but they have vetted those strangers to separate the relative sheep from goats. They know, or at least they think they know, that Covid 19 responds readily to early treatment with mostly cheap (though increasingly hard-to-get) drugs). They cheer when the Nebraska Attorney General kicks back at the “official” storyline. The doctor who wrote the White House with the medical regimen that quickly cured Trump thinks there will one day be the equivalent of Nuremberg trials for those who let hundreds of thousands die by discrediting and even withholding treatment of an eminently treatable disease.

Moreover, their concern on vaccines is for long-term safety. Short term safety appears okay, per the Bethel stats, but on the long term these “hesitant” ones are dubious. They’re not moved by official promises of safety. They know that Vioxx was perfectly “safe” until the day it was pulled from the market to reveal a phalanx of Pharma lawyers empowered to beat away all its injured customers. They know the new vaccines are not like the old vaccines that when you took them it meant you didn’t get the disease. They don’t think they’re safe.

Some of these hesitant ones feel arm-twisted. Bethel explicitly says no one should be made to feel arm-twisted, but they feel it nonetheless. It is simply the nature of peer-pressure. One local bro reminds all at the meeting how we ought submit to government mandates, apparently misunderstanding that there are no government mandates in the US at present, but only a mandate that certain employers fire those unvaxxed. Feel strongly enough about the issue to walk away from your job and you have violated no mandate. Another speaks of how “our loyalty and obedience really allows us to get back together,” implying that those not onboard are disloyal and disobedient.

Relax. Not to worry. The game is the same, its just up on another level. If the concern is one of safety, a whole different set of Bible principles come into play. Nobody would dispute that Jehovah’s Witnesses are among the most safety-conscious in the world. And with safety principles on the front burner, even ‘obey the superior authorities’ principles begins to fade. Madame Moaaga pointedly did not obey the secular authority when she convinced herself that obedience to them would cause her harm.

These things happen. It’s human nature. Nothing to get all excited about. Indeed, if meetings should open with vax requirements and without a Zoom option , or even if there is a Zoom option, just how far will people go in sticking to their conscientious guns? It is a question some are asking of themselves.

As much as we are concerned about safety these days, what if someone does research and concludes they can best stay safe by relying upon distancing and other preventative measures? Stand your ground, if you think best, but be respectful standing it. That way you become an informed voice on something that is not the specialty of the Bethel brothers. So long as you do not get strident over it, who knows? In the event you are on to something, maybe they will one day take some pointers from you. In the event you are not, maybe you will take some pointers from them.

“Get behind the Governing Body” the bro said in Update #7, but get behind them in what? How about get behind them in remaining undistracted from the main mission? Don’t let it become our new cause, for we already have one. That is something everyone can agree on, and it doesn’t call for any decision as to vaccination. Through Zoom, informal, letters, phone & other non-contact means, many have proven to themselves that they can yet have a meaningful share in the ministry regardless of vaccination status. Research the matter all you want, for those so inclined, in case you’re cursed with being one of those high-information people who has to know everything about everything, but don’t become emotionally divided. You don’t want to be distracted from the good news.

See: To Jab or Not to Jab: Part 1

Edit: I’m going to append all future Covid-19 posts to this one, in effect making one super-long one. No matter how controversial the topic becomes, no matter how strong opinions get, it is not the issue, from Jehovah’s Witnesses point of view. As Brother Lett stated, Covid-19 is not the last crisis to be faced as this system of things marches on to its final end. So in addition to other posts in this category—this will now be the featured post—here they are:


Here in the US, the new gold standard of ‘sleever’ information has become an almost 3 hour interval with podcaster Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough. 

For background, Joe came down with Covid, took the medications that supposedly don’t work, and promptly got better. He has since become very vocal about it.

Peter McCullough is a cardiologist. He has hundreds of articles published in medical journals. Since the early days of the pandemic he has cleared his decks to focus on the worldwide response to it.

The interview is here:

Of course, it has been removed as ‘misinformation’ by the major social media sites. However, rebuttals to it are posted, such as this hour long interview at Facebook by Dr. Zubin Damaria, who goes by the handle ZDogg.

I think it’s good to post both. Let people sort them out as they will.

We moved so quickly (and for obvious theocratically practical motive) from: “Vaccine is a personal choice and we do not presume to make health decisions for others” to “Follow the Bethel lead and get vaccinated” that it is a challenge to adjust. Deep deep deep down in my gut I hope that the brothers are not so immersed in preaching & Bible matters that they simply acquiesce to the mainstream’s word on COVID without further inquiry.

’You’re not following the direction of the Governing Body’ one of my wife’s close friends said to her (nonconfrontationally—we have not had any confrontations). ‘Well, I guess we aren’t,’ I told her, and I am not particularly comfortable with that. However, I could counter (though I haven’t as of yet) that if I really was into not following direction, I would buttonhole every Witness I know and implore them to get more familiar with what goes on behind the scenes of the COVID 10 campaign.….

Within days of the McCullough interview, Joe Rogan did another with Dr. Robert Malone, arguably the inventor of the mRNA technology used in Covid vaccines, He has since turned very cautious regarding them:

And, as with the McCullough interview, a rebuttal:

I was amazed that this ‘gem’ should somehow slip through at Newsweek:

“As a healthy 36-year-old woman, COVID-19 does not pose a statistically meaningful threat to my life. I have a 99.97 percent chance of survival. Why would I get a vaccine for a virus that I do not fear and that isn't a threat to my life—particularly when there is an element of risk from the vaccines?”

For young children, the risk of death from COVID is statistically zero. You would never know it from the insistence of those holding the upper hand that they must be vaccinated as an emergency measure.

Here’s one of a daughter who had to sue the hospital to treat her father on his deathbed with the treatment that they had refused:

The judge had ruled that since the man was on his deathbed, what could be the harm of a ‘risky’ drug? The man recovered so quickly that I could almost envision hospital chiefs wanting to apply a John 12:11 to him.

The chief priests now conspired to kill Lazʹa·rus also,  since it was because of him that many of the Jews were going there and putting faith in Jesus

If you want people to get vaccinated, said Sen. Ryan Paul, why don’t you try honesty? Instead, there is so much deceit at so many levels, and I don’t know how the prevailing powers manage that there never be heard a discouraging word for as long as they have, nor if their version can continue to prevail.


McCullough spoke of the ‘absolute’ advantage of the vaccine vs the ‘relative’ advantage. The relative advantage is quite high. That is, the vaccine offers significant protection as opposed to doing nothing at all. This is the protection that media fixates on.

Absolute protection compares the vaccine with taking other measures to protect oneself. These include the masking & distancing, but primarily it is fortifying oneself with substances that make catching the illness unlikely—the ingredients—ivermectin—is among them, that front line doctors testified before Congress that they took in treating thousands of Covid patients that did indeed fully protect them. 

The ‘absolute’ advantage of the vaccine is quite low, he said. It is a percentage point or two, probably not worth the risk of taking it.….….


The following is a beaut, not primarily because of anything it sayo on climate change, but because of what it tells of ‘fact-checking’ sites.

Facebook was sued for its fact-checking. Their defense? They can’t be sued, for it is just opinion, and opinion is protected speech.


Someone spoke of

Working doctors who speak out are targeted. Such as FBI raiding your consulting rooms and taking all patient records to determine if and when you prescribed ivermectin etc. 

I didn’t know this. It certainly isn’t everywhere, but it is consistent. In NY, the attorney general has sent threatening letters to out of state pharmacies filling ivermectin prescriptions for NY residents.

I can’t see how this can do anything but escalate. It’s a little like Abraham Lincoln’s recognition (“I’m not smart enough to lie.”) that once you lie you have to keep on lying to cover yourself. Can you imagine if it ever became more that ‘conspiracy theory’ that hundreds of thousands died unnecessarily—that most could have been saved by early treatment with cheap drugs that were withheld? Do you think relatives of those victims would let bygones be bygones? 

The whole facade would come down, with massive, not just civil litigation but with criminal prosecution.

It is something how so many times in history have villains gone down by turning on each other. 

“I will call for a sword against him on all my mountains,’ declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah. ‘Every man’s sword will be against his own brother” (Ezekiel 38:21)

Can foreglimmerings not be seen today?


1/14/22. Pfizer, Moderna Sue Human Immune System For Patent Infringement, reports the Babylon Bee.

It is satirical, but my very own personal conspiracy theory is that these snakes have come to view the human immune system as ‘competition’ and would like to—ever so slowly so as not to overly attract attention—replace it. It would be not just for profit, though it will be very profitable for them (Prizer stock was up 59% in 2021) but I think it is also hubris—those who worship science thinking they can do anything. The human immune system is great, they say, but it doesn’t stop all illness. They aim to remedy that little problem with their sciencewhereas anyone with a good dose of godly fear and common sense knows that ‘you don’t mess with the laws of nature.’ 

Zdogg, the establishment doctor, in his snarky rebuttal of Rogan/McCullough (After back-to-back Joe Rogan grand slam interviews, one with Dr. Peter McCullough and one with Dr. Robert Malone, there is intense lobbying effort to get him kicked off Spotify) seriously floats the idea that he is in awe of the magnificent human immune system. That’s why he loves these new mRNA vaccines that train it to do what it has to do!

I never did get around to saying what I thought of his patronizing twaddle and it’s about time I did. You want to choke him. He points to McCullough’s supposed ‘logic fallacies’ as he commits his own that are twice as bad. I already posted this guy but here he is again:

Commenting on how Dr McCullough was not swayed by the establishment hit pieces against Ivermectin, he points to how the objection to one was ‘it wasn’t given soon enough’ and his objection to another ‘it wasn’t given in combination with the other substances we all use’ and then complained: “It never ends!” Isn’t a trail of two a little early to say ‘it never ends?’ Of course, the history of the front-line doctors taking the stuff and remaining untouched by Covid in the course of treating thousands of patients—and testifying to this before Congress—is not something he mentions.

And then—this is just a classic with these ‘critical thinking’ champions who assume they have a monopoly on the stuff—he admits that he has a bias. He is pro-vaccine. There. He said it. And then carries on as though this makes him a hero, as though it never occurred to anyone else that they too had a starting position! You notice how @JW Insiderand @Araunahave been squabbling forever over how we should view the CCP and they do no more than to reach stalemate? I have the answer. All one or the other must do is say, “I admit I have a bias.” Instantly that one becomes a hero and his/her adversary is manipulative Hitler.

He patronizes us all lecturing about ‘causation vs correlation’ as if no one other than he has ever thought of such a thing—whereas they (the doctors he is attacking) all have. There is also abundant ‘guilt by association.’ And if you say something like “it happens all the time” he dismisses the entire point since it doesn’t happen ALL the time.

If he wasn’t taking out a greater enemy (this is also true with the rebuttals of Malone), I almost think tech media would seek to ban him as well, for he acknowledges McCullough is an expert and further skewers several sacred cows, asserting that the government has frequently lied, even naming Fauci himself, and stipulating the mandate policy is ridiculous.

And then he dismisses (Rogan told McCullough, who hadn’t heard, about this) the tech fellow who has offered $1 million to anything who will live-debate Covid with him but can’t find any takers with the criticism that Steve Kersh (I went back to find his name) ‘is a fellow with success in the search engine field who now thinks he knows everything’ and ‘talks a mile a minute’ and has ‘quick command of all the medical studies’ and ‘nobody can possibly keep up with that.’ So it is a crime to be on top of your game? Why can’t he find someone on his side that is on top of hisgame? Find someone who also  is in-your-face (it is not as though the world suffers for lack of pugnacious people) who also has quick command of papers and research, and who can say, ‘Hold on! What is wrong with this paper is….’  Instead of just saying ‘nobody can keep up with that!’ 

It’s what the anti-cultists do.  If you represent your cause well they present that as a liability. Would they not side with the scribes against Jesus at Matthrew 7:28?  “When Jesus finished these sayings, the effect was that the crowds were astounded at his way of teaching, for he was teaching them as a person having authority, and not as their scribes.”

‘That’s because they were listening to a manipulative cult leader,’ they would say. ‘Nobody can keep up with that stuff.’


We jokingly said we would wait first to see how many died from it.”

Quite a few apparently. That doesn’t mean it is blatantly obvious. If you doubled the death rate of a specific illness, would that be immediately obvious to you? Probably not.

Life insurance companies are now facing a massive unattributable increase of non-Covid death increases of millennial and younger persons of heart/clotting related issues—a sudden 40% spike was the last figure I heard. Since it can’t be attributed to anything else, by default some begin to mention the vaccine. 


“When I talked to my pharmacologist friend who was involved with the vaccine, and I asked her if the vaccines were safe, she said as safe as any other drug we might take,”

If the above findings are so, she is wrong. Moreover, the bugaboo with the vaccine is that it violates the Hippocratic oath: ‘First of all, do no harm.” Beyond all question, it does do harm to a relatively tiny group of people who formerly were not sick at all. That is the difference between it and the other medicines you speak of. In the case of the latter, the person is sick and must make the decision whether the benefits of a given medicine will outweigh the risks. In the case of the former, the person is not sick and may feel he/she never will be if he takes precautions that pose no danger in themselves.


“this was an unprecedented, extremely contagious and dangerous virus affecting the whole world.”

Far less so than is still constantly stated. For healthy adults it carries a 99% survival rate. The vulnerability of small children is almost zero. Moreover, the illness readily responds to treatment—it is anything but the “kiss of death’ that the mainline authorities made it out to be. Everything possible was done and is still being done to obscure this fact. 

Unless one is elderly or has ‘co-morbitities’ one is not especially at risk even if they catch covid. As to advanced age: historically society has not inflicted risk upon the young to protect the elderly. Rather they seek to protect the elderly without risking the young, by increased quarantine measures upon them, for example, as the need arises. As to co-morbidities, a great many of these stem from unhealthy lifestyles, so to vaccinate so as to shield this group in effect is wanting those who deliberately make healthy choices to subsidize those who deliberately do not, or at least subsidize the business concerns that promote unhealthy choices.

Then there was the revelation a few months back that ‘Covid hospitatlizions’ did not necessarily mean that people were in the hospital because of Covid, but only, once there, were tested and found to have Covid. What possible reason could there be for this obvious miscommunication other than an attempt to pump up the numbers?


“I was saying that it was non compliance with recomendations to get vaccinated that caused problems (such as restrictions for the unvacinated)…..Non compliance was causing problems before anyone knew for sure whether they worked or not.”

The reason so many were not in a hurry to comply is that they weren’t born yesterday. They were suspicious that a vaccine could be developed at ‘warp-speed’ since all previous vaccines had taken years to be approved. Even more so because the technology was radically new. The covid vaccine does not work like any previous vaccine that exposes the body to an inert sample of a disease so the body will ramp up a defense. Instead, it retrains the body to manufacture a defense against a pathogen it has never encountered. Many put no faith that human science would get that right on the first try, if at all.

Those resistant knew that Pharma is absolutely not to be trusted, that it has a long track record of insisting a product is safe when they know better, insisting it right up to the second the product is ruled unsafe, and they lawyering up to beat back the onslaught of lawsuits. Note the horrendous things that medical experts said about them in the aftermath of Vioxx:

Making the rat smell ten-times worse is that in the case of any vaccine they have negotiated immunity for themselves. They have no need to lawyer up. Get injured with a vaccine? It’s on you. There is no redress. For various reasons the VAERS system, supposedly put in place to remedy these wrongs, does not. Have you ever heard of a lawyer going after a vaccine case, even from VAERS. They will go after other government agencies—SSI lawsuits are a burgeoning legal industries these days—but they have not heretofore thought it profitable to tackle the vaccine industry.


“There was no information about possible long term complications because.... well it's self explanatory....because not enough time had elapsed. They simply didn’t know.”

This did not stop them from and has still not stopped them from insisting the product was safe. In fact, though buried for the longest time, it is now revealed that the most widely used vax initially failed its safety data. The CDC director acknowledged being misled by Pharma. Then there was that bizarre request to keep safety data hidden for 75 years. What could possibly account for that other than widespread fraud? the suspicious people said. Subsequent events have shown they were right to be suspicious. 

Arauna previously cited a former hedge fund manager from Blackrock. It is he who first drew attention the the 40% spike in non-covid deaths. He says he has lived through three Wall Street debacles, the ‘dot-com’ bubble of 2000, the ‘people will never default on a mortgage/house prices will never fall’ bubble of 2007, and the ‘trust the science’ [his label] bubble of today. Wall Street is now figuring it out, he says, adding that ‘these people are caught, they know they’re caught, and so they do what all fraudsters do when they know they’re caught: they “triple down.”


“The information is out there,”

It depends upon what you mean by ‘out there.’ If you mean whatever would advance the cause of mass vaccination, yes, that is out there almost no matter where you look. But if you mean the factors such as been outlined above, these are largely scrubbed from social and news media. The relatively small channels of independent websites and small coalitions of professionals that cannot be snuffed out are thereby labeled anti-vax conspiracy theorists in hope of discrediting them. 

You have to follow some of these persons, subscribe to their email lists, to become aware of anything that is not pro-vaccine. If you do, you will find they routinely cite highly credible sources, medical and scientific experts, even government agencies themselves. To my mind, their offerings are far more persuasive than that of the ‘fact-checkers’ employed to ‘disprove’ them.


“I would presume that by now there would be recommendations against it”

One would think so. The fact that there are not in the face of the above highly-discoverable facts defies all logic. With that we enter “Arauna territory” of attempting to assign motives or intended outcomes. This is far harder to do, but is done because the ‘facts on the ground’ make no sense. Trying to make sense of them, people veer into what would be called ‘conspiracy theory.’ I do not know if Arauna is right about some of the dire statements she makes. But nothing she says strikes me as so implausible it should be ruled off the table.


“Instead, the recommendation now is to get a booster once a year as we learn to live with the virus.”

This could have been done from the very beginning, the hesitant ones have maintained. ‘Learn to live with the virus’ as humanity has learned to live with hundreds of diseases in the past. The fact that it was not done, that the world was and is still being turned upside down in a futile attempt to eradicate a treatable disease, creating enormous social and economic upheaval, puts enough wind in Arauna’s sails, and the millions like her, to blow her to Mars and back a dozen times on any given afternoon.  



And it remains to be seen how many conspiracy theories over the mRNA vaccines will be validated. Many assertions that would once get you banned from Twitter are now being admitted by official sources, such as this recent admission of Pharma execs that they didn’t actually have time to see if their product to stop transmission of the virus since they were traveling “at the speed of science.”

“Do you know why I stopped you, sir?” “Not exactly, officer. All I know is that I was traveling at the speed of science.”

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Nancy Montgomery

Thank you brother, I wholeheartedly agree. Who would have thought something like a “shot” could be so divisive among the friends?? It’s even worse when a bully personality rears it’s ugly head. Satan is always looking to divide us!

[Thank you, Nancy—Tom]

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