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Tweeting the Meeting: Week of November 1, 2021

Public talk;

The speaker intros with how the sauces he has cooked up since retiring had a learning curve before reaching eatability. It is an intro for his talk on marriage. Is there a recipe book on marriage, he asks, as he goes on to focus on love and respect.


Uh oh. Proverbs 27:15, ‘A quarrelsome wife is like a constantly leaking roof.’   I wouldn’t know, of course

Sometimes on these marriage talks they feel obliged to give counsel to husbands, and of course I zone out on this as it is clearly irrelevant. But when the talk turns to council for wives, I make sure the good dame is paying close attention.

That reference to the video of the couple arriving home, the husband turns on the game, and the wife gets upset because he is not listening does not apply to me at all because I rarely watch the game…..1/2

Probably they have in mind that elder I love to tease, the worst speaker in the circuit, if not the world, who follows me here on Twitter, so I try to make it worth his while….2/2

“There’s not many women in this book. It’s my bad and I feel embarrassed over it. It’s not an intentional slight on my part, nor does it reflect a lesser role for women. Rather, it’s a frank admission that I really don’t know much about that species. Better to stick with what I know.

“The only thing I really know about women is that if you have one in the car when you are driving, you will swelter, even though it is cool outside; she will not permit the windows lowered because she doesn’t like the breeze. And if she spots electrical outlets in the house, she will block them with heavy pieces of furniture. And if your TV antenna is pulling in stations, she will move it to where it does not because it looks nicer there. And if you are doing a job – any job! – she will follow along behind to tell you what you have missed. And if she says ‘Fine! Just Fine!’ she means exactly the opposite! But outside of these few facts, I know nothing about women at all.”….From ‘Tom Irregardless and Me’….. Also Amazon for print version.

Abraham asked the same question SIX TIMES! but God dignified him by hearing him out, the speaker says, advising its not a bad idea to do the same ourselves.


#Watchtowerstudy article 35….‘Treasure Our Faithful Older Ones’. Theme verse: “Gray hair is a crown of beauty.”​—PROV. 16:31.   SONG 138 Beauty in Gray-Headedness

Para 4 reminded me of that Sam Herd talk included in Tom Irregardless and Me (Two chapters are entitled ‘Sam Herd’) emphasizing how the old have opportunity and obligation to pass on their insight to the young. ….1/2

It ends with something like, ‘But what if you are out of sorts and don’t feel like passing on any wisdom?’  ‘Well, then, just sit there are look happy,’ Sam says……2/2

Para 6. Here are three examples, Moses, Daniel, and particularly John, whose main contribution only begins when they are older—John writing a gospel and three letters in his 90’s.

Para 10. No, its not in the paragraph, but the topic reminded me of a deceased bro, under frequent assault in the WWII years and thus defending himself, “We used to stack them up like cordwood.” Not exactly what you would expect.

Para 11: Also mentioned was the one time CO, now in a old age home, who studies with one resident and has 7 tuning in with him to Zoom meetings.

Para 12 Also reminded of Wardell ages ago, supposedly on death’s doorstep, who popped up like a teenager when I visited him in the hospital. “It’s been a good life,” he told me. “You really think it’s worth it?’ he told the hospital people, “try to pump new life into these old bones?” “A little disappointed, though….I was hoping to see the fireworks.”


Midweek meeting Bible reading is Joshua 18-19

They just may have been tired, one sis says about Jos 18:1-3. Fudge the cleanup time or the details you don’t know. Yeah, I know that from many a project. #midweekmeeting

Most think it entirely appropriate that big business should handle production and distribution of the word of God. The JW organization invents an entirely new channel so that the fellow in a developing country isn’t stuck with some 200 year old turkey of a translation….1/2

he can neither afford nor understand…..2/2

I see why it’s done, but I kind of liked the old take on Ezekiel 23. Another reason to move on, though—wouldn’t you need a third sister for Orthodox?

Okay okay, so they were weeds when they began. (Matthew 13:24-30) At no time were they wives, faithful or not.

Concluding announcements: Personal decisions during the pandemic. Each family head must decide, this includes whether to socialize in person. reflect reasonableness & regard for sanctity of life. Respect decisions of others, recognizing each will carry his own load. Gal 6;5

Some have had good success witnessing informally. Use good sense, your comfort level, comfort level of who you speak wtih



Do you get the impression that we don’t know too much about angels and that they interacting with humans must be a sideline for them?   ‘I’ve got this salvage op going on a project that started well till the Head Villain threw a wrench into it and so now…’.  ‘Sure, I can help with that,’ they say, but there must be plenty more they do that we don’t know about.

…I explained the daylight saving facts of life to my dog, and how it meant mealtime would be delayed hour. It didn’t go well.   But why? it kept whining.   “Because, Just because,” was all I could offer in reply.

Yikes! The text for the day would work well on the leather jackets of a motorcycle gang: “We are going to destroy this place.”​—Gen. 19:13.

I mentioned to that fellow in the dog park how the Bible is sort of like the owner’s manual for the product that is us. And that it helps us better to cope with hassles as we wait for God to bring about his better world of ‘thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’

I mean, Jehovah knows a lot of people. He could have had his son born in the Jerusalem Hyatt if he was one to swoon over money.

Certain family members entering pioneer school soon. I offered to help them with homework by building a full-scale ark diagram in the back yard. Will that help?

The bro who conducts the last part is the bro with whom I used to joke years ago about how easy it was if you were a Babylonian to get dismembered and have your home turned into a public privy. (which no one wants) #Dontcrosstheking

Nothing will get a decent person infuriated more than animal abuse. Maybe it’s quasi-instinctive. Our commission specifically is to care for all thing of the earth, have it in subjection. In animal abuse lies the most blatant trashing of that commission.

grumble grumble…..that stupid dog came up to me an hour after its supper. Somehow it got into its head that it needed a booster dose.

“You were making ‘Roll Over Beethoven” on the piano that time. Stay away from that!…..On the solo, he was making Roll Over Beethoven. Stay away from that one!” - Chuck Berry (interrupting take 2, just prior to take 3 of Johnny B Goode.

The apocryphal books are okay to see what others have thought from ancient times. By degrees I get into some of them. They’re all speculative. Wasn’t the Book of Enoch the source for that recent Noah movie that I didn’t see? One local brother did and came away sputtering on how it didn’t follow the Genesis narrative at all. How he could have expected it to is beyond me. But at least it was based on something other than Hollywood, and maybe it is preferable to moviemakers taking the actual biblical account and mangling it the way you know they would, with Noah popping a head Nephilim in the nose and getting the pretty girl.

A beaut: “Why is the Christian religion the only one to need a mascot to sell their stuff? [Easter Bunny] You don’t see Jewish people celebrating with the Passover Kangaroo. Or the Ramadan Rooster.”

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