My Meeting Notes: Week of June 6, 2022 (with meanderings and musings)
Yikes! A Bad Review of TrueTom vs the Apostates: Part 1

My Meeting Notes: Week of June 13, 2022 (with musings and meanderings)

#publictalk title: Jehovah’s eyes are upon us,

watchtowerstudy , Find Joy in Giving Jehovah Your Personal Best . Theme scripture: Let each one examine his own actions.” —GAL. 6:4.

Midweek mtg Bible Reading assigned: 2 SAMUEL 11-12


Psalm 10:13: 13 Why has the wicked one disrespected God? He says in his heart: “You will not hold me accountable.”

Prov 15:3 The eyes of Jehovah are everywhere, Watching both the bad and the good.

2 chronicles 16:9, “For the eyes of Jehovah are roving about through all the earth to show his strength inbehalf of those whose heart is complete toward him.” The speaker emphasizes “to show his strength.”

Lam 3:40, “Let us examine and scrutinize our ways, and let us return to Jehovah.”

When the speaker mentioned avoiding porn at the workplace I thought of Nick, who years ago when a newly associated bro, painted bathing suits on all the nude graffiti. Oh yeah, his coworkers loved him for that.


#watchtowerstudy , Find Joy in Giving Jehovah Your Personal Best . Theme scripture: Let each one examine his own actions.” —GAL. 6:4.

Para 3: One bro quotes Teddy Roosevelt: ‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’ ( did he really say this?   Yes, he did)

Para 4: Many references to Jesus’ parable of the talents. Use all your abilities but don’t boast. Just talking about yourself too much comes across as boasting to one with fewer talents.

Para 5: The elderly bro pictured in the wheelchair is giving his best. “He still must have all his faculties,” says the elderly sis who has all of hers.

Para 7: The follow with ten talents uses all ten, doesn’t say he just use five so as to not show up the other guy, the one with the ten talents dosen’t just produce 5, then say, ‘well, i ddin’t want to show off.’ He uses the ten talents—he just doesn’t boast over it. 

you just don’t talk about yourself all the time, in effect outshining everyone else. You can be afraid of that one, if you have a good story, he has a better one.

Para 9: let your light shine,okay, but the guard with the interrogation lamp does the same thing to make his quarry uncomfortable. Light doesn’t have to be full strenght always

Para 15 When the young bros would start bickering, the old guy would tilt back in his chair, smile, and marvel at what Jehovah accomplishes, ‘given what he has to work with.’  Even when we think our gifts are hot stuff, we’re just people. 

Trouble is, When we compare selves with others, we start comparing our ‘behind the scenes’ bloopers with everyone else’s highlight reels, one bro says.


MidweekmeetingJune 13-192 SAMUEL 11-12

David is not content. That’s where the first talk goes. Someone chimes in with a Ben Franklin quote:, “Contentment makes poor mane rich. Discontentment makes rich men poor,”

Someone else says how you don’t esteem the gift above the giver. Also, that Paul was content no matter the circumstances,

Forgiveness, for had shown mercy to ‘Saul, Lin, vs 13, Nathan, serious mistake, I have sinned, owned mistakes, might have erupted in fury—he is a king after all.

To be sure, the typical reaction expected of a king would be to be furious at being rebuked by Nathan.

The elder that just moved into the congregation conducts a Q & A part and gets several names wrong. Then he calls on his wife. ‘Glad i didn’t mess that one up,” he says.

17AA352C-80D5-4187-ACDD-6A4B50EB80CAAlways there is a clergyman when an infant dies spinning it that God took the child because he needs about her flower in heaven, whereas the David and Nathan account shows the exact opposite. Anyone who would do that deserves to die, (2 Samuel 12:1-6)

This Uriah is a pretty decent guy. Even when you get him drunk, he stays true to is mission. Too bad for him in this case. Imagine in the resurrection when he learns what a hotshot David got to be. (2 Samuel 11:12-13)




Defending Jehovah’s Witnesses with style from attacks... in Russia, with the book ‘I Don’t Know Why We Persecute Jehovah’s Witnesses—Searching for the Why’ (free).... and in the West, with the book, 'In the Last of the Last Days: Faith in the Age of Dysfunction'



How about the video Don't Let Your Life Go Up in Smoke. Really well done. I love that it summarized why some people smoke so you can be understanding with someone who's having a difficult time quitting. And they threw in a drawing of a hookah pipe! Good to know!

I wonder if there will ever be a shift in the organization regarding obesity that is similar to our view of smoking. The obesity epidemic has really snuck up on us the last fifty years or so. It's arguably at the point that obesity is just as unhealthy as smoking (and a major factor in severity of covid). The disconnect is interesting to observe. The brother giving that talk in our congregation is at least 100 lbs overweight, and he emphasized how smoking ruins the body, increases cancer and heart disease risk...which is all *very* similar to the long-term effects of obesity. Yet in the congregation, many joked about putting on an extra 20 to 30 lbs during the pandemic. Yikes. It isn't uncommon where I live for most in the congregation to be obese and morbidly obese. I know local culture plays a big role.

I think a major difference is how obesity is perceived by society and how that would reflect on the preaching work. Society kind of turned on smoking decades ago, surgeon general warnings and all. With obesity...not quite perceived that way by society in general I think. I'm wondering if that's where Jehovah would intervene with a refinement, that is to avoid reproach on his name. Of course, it could be like in the first century when they said they "favored adding no further burden to you except these necessary things."

[Reply: It’s a big age we live in, that’s for sure, and there are a lot of big people.]


"I know local culture plays a big role."
right ,"local culture"

Obesity in the Republic of Ireland
Obesity in the Republic of Ireland is a major health concern. Ireland has one of Europe's highest rates of obesity; 60% of adults, and over 20% of children and young people, in the country are overweight or obese. In 2011, 23.4% of the country's population was obese.Wikipedia

[Reply: It doesn’t help too that certain foods are almost guaranteed to pack on the pounds & that certain additives make them all the more ‘addicting.’ Look at any pic from decades ago & the contrast is striking.]


Turning point for this possible factor was close to 1914 ?

[Reply: Lots of mischief has been made in the past 100 years]

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