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At The New System Dinner Table, Part 3–Tales of Pursuing Peace

(See Part 1 and Part 2)

Mmm, this counsel is delicious! Nancy, you really must tell me your recipe!

I don’t have to. You have it in your recipe book already, same as it is in mine! It’s in the Taste and See Psalms section. It’s so good!

Yum—pass the Bible sandwiches please. I’ll have another.


We sure have had fine conversation along with some surprises. Here is Tim the guard, come into the truth because the guard at Acts 16:25 came into the truth when he heard Paul and Silas sing. And what a delight to hear from Mefibberpest, that faithful man of old who no one can pronounce his name! I think we have time for one more experience. Is there anyone else here who cleared up a misundstanding to make peace with a brother? Connery?

I faced a trial like that, brother. Truetom said something about me online that I thought was an insult. He is a brother who blogs on the internet.

A blogger. Oh my. What happened?

Well, I started to follow him on Twitter. After he found out, he began referring to me as “that elder, the worst speaker in the circuit, possibly the world, who follows me on Twitter so I try to make it worth his while.”  I was offended. It’s not true.

No, I would say not, Connery. The world is a very big place. Did you report him to the elders?

No. I decided to do like Jesus said at Matthew 18:15, that if you think your brother has committed a sin, you go and talk to him about it first. So I approached him.

What excuse did he offer?

He said he thought I was okay with it because I had said I was. He also said he tries to keep a virtual presence in the virtual neighborhood the same as someone keeps a physical presence in their physical neighborhood. That way he can interact with online neighbors, just like people interact with physical neighbors, and sometimes get to put in a good word for God.

Hmm. Well, he seems to mean well, but . . . 

He also said he likes to use humor, even about himself, because people like humor and he wants to reach them. But I told him not everyone has a sense of humor so he should stop. 

I like your reasoning. Did you win him over?

I thought I did. But then overnight—I’m not saying it was him—someone defaced my truck. See?


I like it that you don’t jump to conclusions, brother. That’s maturity at work. I don’t think he would do that. Truetom is a little bit ‘out there,’ but he’s basically a good guy.

(Photo: Unknown. Meme pics on social media are common property, so far as I know. If it’s yours, claim it.)

To be continued…here.


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Tom Sheppard

Hilarious Meme! I will never see a Datsun the same now.
Ive always thought at 2 Samuel 16:9 when Abishai says "Why should this Dead Dog be allowed to curse the king"... I bet dead dog, was a more volatile word in their language than it is ours.
Perhaps even the term " Stupid Ones" used throughout bible, once when visiting a hall in Costa Rica i said" Estupidio"... A kind Sister looked at me like how dare you use such profanity. Lol Oops


Best of the series so far. “But I told him not everyone has a sense of humor so he should stop.” Lol

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