Meeting Notes & etc: Week of August 31, 2022
At the New System Dinner Table: Part 5–Sticking to Script


“Is it really every 3,000 miles when we need to change the car oil, or is that BS?”

No, if you find yourself changing the BS every 3,000 miles you have been had by a very sleazy used car salesman.

I dunno. Maybe on the day AI takes over the world we Witnesses will get a fair shake. I mean, the very reason people become Witnesses is that they run counter to some of the completely illogical church doctrines.


You never really know what to attribute to demons, do you? Some parts of the world simply take for granted that demons are actively involved in life. In other parts, the mere mention of demons elicits catcalls and mockery..

Yesterday the visiting speaker spoke of ‘Be wise my son, and make my heart rejoice, that I may make a reply to the one who is taunting me.’

By standing fast in the faith we show up Satan for being the loser he is,’ he said

First time I have heard the Devil called a loser.

**Someone said during the #Watchtowerstudy how Einstein took a cruise and every day explained his theory to a statesman traveling with him. “At the end of our journey, I was fully convinced that he understood it,” the fellow said later.

Application to the study? Jesus fully understands the scriptures too but they are not so complicated that anyone can’t, given just the requisite interest and heart.

When the Russian authorities confiscated the St Petersburg Branch Bethel facilities—they just took it, even though it was private property!—and reassigned it for other uses, I long thought it would be a fine thing were the new users stricken with piles. Like what happened in ancient times when the Ark of the Covenant was captured and sent elsewhere. They all came down with hemorrhoids and had to make statues of their hemorrhoids to appease the God whom they had robbed! Wouldn’t it have been cool if that had happened in St Petersburg?

Alas, it did not. But who’s to say it won’t someday?

JWs are a ‘cult’ if and only if the Bible is a cult manual. If it is, they are. If it is not, they aren’t. They C-word has shifted in meaning over the years. Many groups that were once on one side of it are now on the other.

After that E·liʹsha died and was buried. There were Moʹab·ite marauder bands that would come into the land at the beginning of the year.  21 As some men were burying a man, they saw the marauder band, so they quickly threw the man into E·liʹsha’s burial place and ran off. When the man touched the bones of E·liʹsha, he came to life and stood on his feet.

I hope to catch a break like this someday.

***We’ll know the jig is up should 2 Kings 9:11 ever be selected as the yeartext:

“‘Is everything all right? Why did this crazy man come to you?’ He answered them: ‘You know that sort of man and his sort of talk.’”


In the beginning, God brewed a pot of coffee. To Adam he said, ‘Cream and sugar?’ And Adam said, "I already have Eve; she's all the sweet I need." God did an eye-roll.

“And then God said, ‘Oh, you want schmaltz, do you?’ and opened up the Book of Puns to find a few cornball zingers.”

***Pretending not to be home: Plus, the dog gives you away. While yapping it’s head off at the door, it keeps looking back at you as though to say, ‘Well?—Why don’t you open?’

***‘We don’t know what’s going on in a householder’s life. Maybe his kids are driving him crazy,” says the chairman, himself father of a four-year-old—the one who can’t wait to haul out that vacuum cleaner at meeting’s end and must settle for a feather duster instead.

No, the expression ‘iron curtain’ was not first coined by gerbils at the of WWII [Thank you, A.I.]

It was first coined by [Nazi officer] Goebbels

Nobody says, ‘I’ll bet that picture’s not real,” when assembling a jigsaw puzzle, replicating the box photo. They do it anyway, regardless. Same with the Bible. How many think Adam is real? yet nothing makes sense without him. Do it like a jigsaw puzzle. … 1/2Just seeing the picture come together can be enough to reassess what is real. … 2/2

It is hard to think ‘anti-cult’ idiocy was not also alive in the 1st century, for Paul defends against it:

“We have wronged no one, we have corrupted no one, we have taken advantage of no one.” 2 Corinthians 7:2

Why would he say this unless the charge was made then, as today?

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