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Toynbee and the Humanist Getaround of Nationalism

These people really think they can bring a new world government by breaking down everything in the old financial, food, water and energy systems and land reform. (Almost like a Bolshevik revolution).

I remember Watchtower dramatizations a decade or three back in which the Witness high school student calls attention to a Toynbee quote about the plague of nationalism. The intent was that classmates and teacher would recognize how nationalism sabotages all efforts toward a peaceful world, therefore there can be no hope other than God’s kingdom.

Never was it envisioned then that humanists would also recognize the treachery of nationalism and so scheme to thwart it via another means of human government, now taking shape in the UN.

Anything so as not to submit. “The kings of earth take their stand And high officials themselves have massed together as one against Jehovah and against his anointed one.” (Ps 2:2)

The next verse? “Let us tear their bands apart and cast their cords away from us!” God’s kingdom does that in a way that the “kings of the earth” recognize and protest against? I think it finds fulfillment in the anti-cult movement sweeping the earth which pushes the notion that serving Jehovah enmeshes one in a “cult”, takes them out from “normal” life, and in that way puts “bands” and “cords” upon them.

My wife and I are halfway through the movie Mr Jones about a Welsh journalist who exposed Stalin-induced 1930s famine in the Ukraine. The Jones’ family disputes the movie on several counts: but concede it has its good points too. It wasn’t just Ukrainian starvation Jones chronicled, it was throughout all the Soviet Union.

The point is it was purely a manmade calamity. Today there are myriad manmade calamities underway. Energy deprivation via destruction of Nordham comes to mind. Even before, energy prices are soaring to the point that many businesses simply shut down. With the goal of battling climate change, countries are signing onto plans that upend all that is stable in favor of all that is untested and unstable. And it remains to be seen how many conspiracy theories over the mRNA vaccines will be validated. Many assertions that would once get you banned from Twitter are now being admitted by official sources, such as this recent admission of Pharma execs that they didn’t actually have time to see if their product worked to stop transmission of the virus since they were traveling “at the speed of science.”

“Do you know why I stopped you, sir?” “Not exactly, officer. All I know is that I was traveling at the speed of science.”

Thus while the UN is powerless in some regard, governments enact their own laws and policies in accord with its goals. 


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I love the points here. A myriad manmade calamities underway. It began to dawn on me a few years back how much of the sign of the last days is purely manmade. Pestilences (yes including covid) aren't just popping up randomly, but are a direct result of human mismanagement and poor health. The famines and energy crisis you refer to aren't even mismanagement but directly caused in order to further other wicked schemes. The obesity crisis in the western world is hard to view as anything but intentional at this point. Climate change "solutions" that make some people a whole lot of money but don't actually do anything and cause major instability down the road... I think it's important to know some of these details so that in the future, you'll never look back and miss the leeks and cucumbers, so to speak.

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