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Consolation Prizes

Just because something makes no sense doesn’t mean it might not be the way things are. 112E2F68-94F8-459F-A75C-471A21C8B204Lots of things make no sense, and when the district overseer long ago protested the telephone policy with those words, his answer was, “At Ma Bell, we have a saying. It doesn’t have to make cents as long as it makes dollars.”

Lots of things aren’t true, also. It’s as Churchill said: “There are a terrible lot lies going round the the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.” “Protect Yourself from Misinformation” is the title of a recent whiteboard intended for the young. Much as I appreciate the effort, the creators have their work cut out for them. Now that Elon Musk has taken the reigns at Twitter, he says ‘Frankly, just about every conspiracy theory you ever heard about Twitter has turned out to be true.’

The tiresome mantra is “holding people accountable” and making the scoundrels “take responsibility.” It’s hardly the bee’s knees when you can do that, for it doesn’t mean the bad things didn’t happen. Sometimes you can make the miscreants “take responsibility.” and even “hold them accountable,” but it’s better if you can stop them from being miscreants in the first place. The world runs on consolation prizes.

Punishment is easier than prevention. Prevention requires agreement on just how this can be done and agreement in a divided world seldom happens. So we settle for  “holding people accountable” and making them “take responsibility.”

“My people have done two bad things,” says the prophet Jeremiah. “They have abandoned me, the source of living water, And dug for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that cannot hold water.” (Jeremiah 2:13) Human society throws the owner’s manual away and still hopes for good mileage.

For the people of God who don’t throw the owners manual away, but try to abide by it, the product will still break down, for the manufacture is imperfect. You can still get caught in a pinch point on the potter’s wheel. “God is using imperfect people to adjust other imperfect people because that’s all he has at present,” says Bro Nourmair. The younger brothers get to squabbling and the old-timer tilts back in his chair and marvels at what Jehovah accomplishes “given what he has to work with.” Flawed though everyone is, you don’t discard the earthen vessels for being earthen, and you certainly don’t discard the manual for how to work with earthen vessels. God has all bases covered, someone told Whitepebble. “That means I can’t mess him up,” the latter replied.

Years ago, the CO approved a recommendation of someone for congregation office, though he made the observation, “He’s not the most humble brother in the world.” It’s all fine. He didn’t have to be the most humble brother in the world—he just had to meet the scriptural qualifications to an acceptable degree, and he did. The CO should have listened to his inner voice, though, to say nothing of those elders—yes, I was one of them—who paid not sufficient attention to Paul’s counsel (1 Tim 5:22)  on not laying your hands hastily upon anyone. What a yo-yo this fellow turned out to be, going the into full correcting-prophet mode over time, testing false positive for anointing and true positive for apostasy!

Those who are ill seek out the physician,’ Jesus says. (Matthew 9:12) What happens if they don’t? They die, many of them. It is not as though the ‘company doctor of the mainstream’ that would deride ‘cults’ heals them.


***They finally hung that conniving politician that everyone knew should be hung. ‘Any last words?’ they asked him on the gallows. “This is unacceptable!” he declared as the trap door swung open and the rope snapped taut.


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I understand that the last few years are somewhat novel for anyone to deal with including the GB. Warnings about conspiracy theories are well intentioned. But as you imply regarding Twitter, who is to say what’s actually a conspiracy theory? The world uses “conspiracy theory” as essentially an ad hominem attack on anyone pointing holes in the propaganda. It has become as useless a term as “brainwashing”.

Instead of warning against the bogeyman of conspiracy theories, why not identify the specific items you think are misleading brothers and sisters.

We don’t go door to door to warn against false religious teachings. We address the specific falsehoods and prove the truths. I’m sure there are some crazy theories that are harmful. The principles in the animation are sound.

But I think the idea that “an evil invisible spirit person is manipulating world governments behind the scenes” falls into the broad definition of conspiracy theory too. And I’m confident it’s true.

This may be a pinch point in an organization that’s better than any alternative.

[Tom replies: It’s a good video insofar as it goes. Some things about it I had not noticed first time. It’s a hard subject to address without getting specific. I don’t think it could go further without becoming ‘political.’ & we don’t do politics.

I think we are both freed and hemmed in by the Bible being our main guide. We recognize the ‘evil one manipulating all’ because the Bible says he is. But when it comes to human gov’t, the Bible says they are a force for your good unless they are in direct opposition to worship. So we’re not inclined to look into the theories that says they’re up to no good, which many of them do. It would be a distraction from the core mission and would instill division.

In the US, the two main political parties are vastly different, yet over 90% of mainstream media figures identify with one of them. How likely will their product be free of bias? The Twitter files came about when Musk granted a few reporters access to internal emails. All the rumors about censorship and government access to what most people would assume was private, including DMs, proved to be true.

It’s a massive amount of time to investigate these things and even then people come to different conclusions. I’m not sure who corresponds to the ‘person you can trust’ in the video. Parent? Older friend? Elder? Organization? These ones are either as divided as anyone else or they sideskirt the whole issue by simply sticking to advertising the kingdom.]

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