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Musk and Magneto

So here is Elon Musk going after George Soros recently, saying the European “hates humanity” and compares him to Magneto, the mutant superhero of Marvel comics.

I’ve never seen any of those Marvel movies. Judging by the ads—there is one now of one superhero lamenting how he is often confused with Thor, since they have “similar body types”—yes, it seems stupid beyond words, but then I look at some of the insipid Bond lines that were (and still are) all the rage back in the day and think maybe it is just time moving on.

Musk saying what he says about Soros raises an uproar, so he clarifies and retracts: Yes, his statement was unfair—to Magneto. 

What evidence that Soros “hates humanity?” That (and this was brand new to me) he backs “soft on crime” District Attorneys throughout the states. There is apparently widespread agreement that he does this, even among Soros people, though he says it is not to be soft on crime but to address the real causes of crime—poverty, injustice, hopelessness, etc. Good luck on that. Elon just says he “hates humanity.” Magneto, though fictional, is a holocaust survivor.

There is a “catch and release” policy governing juveniles these days that astounds anyone hoping for public order. Teenagers will steal a Kia, use it to ram a store, grab whatever’s inside, and when the police catch up with them, they return them to their parents. They (depending on age) will get an appearance ticket to show up in court. The latest is that cities are banding together to sue Kia for making their vehicles too easy to steal.

Lilac Festival just ended in Rochester. It is the largest free venue in the state. Opening day at the festival, police had to disperse hundreds of teens fighting at the end, throwing stones at cop cars, etc. Conversation of my wife doing cart work with a companion from an African nation turned toward those events. ‘Where I come from that would never happen,’ she said. ‘Not only would police beat you, but when you got home, your mother would beat you, your father would beat you, your sister would beat you, and your aunt would beat you, she said.

 Musk is easily the most interesting public figure these days. Twitter is the only social media platform with divergence of views. Upon buying Twitter, he opened up internal email archives to a few reporters. ‘Just about every conspiracy theory you had heard about Twitter turned out to be true,’ he now says. Walter Isaacson has written a biography of him and his taking orders. He is the author of Einstein, which I’ve read, also Franklin, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Davinci, and a few others. The trouble with writing about Musk is that anything written will be obsolete by the time it is published.


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