The Service Meeting Part of Which Almost All Missed the Point
God Said to Samuel, ‘Anoint Me a Son”—with Apologies to 1 Samuel and Bob Dylan

Think Witnesses are unintellectual now? Go back to the first century


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Super interesting topic. I think the statement "you have hidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones" also means that when the organization or individuals within it do something unintellectual, most members aren't bothered or don't notice. And I have also found that this means, as you experienced, 'nobody will help you through a ‘crisis of intellect.’ Almost nobody. It's tough to find, especially in the fog of war (like during the pandemic). The 'no beards' rule didn't used to bother me (15 years ago). Now it does. Why is that? For me, the pandemic magnified the 'unintellectual' aspect of the organization, and I feel like I see it everywhere now! And admittedly, I've changed as well, and am certainly more sensitive than I used to be about these kinds of things.

One last thought about 'no beards.' I was hopeful when that 2017 Watchtower came out. Now I feel like it made things worse. I feel gaslit! Beards are clearly acceptable in most places in the U.S. So where are all the brothers with beards? I hate to call it dumb.

I read this blog post the same day as published Bible Verses Explained - 2 Cor 12:9 "My Grace Is Sufficient For You." A couple of interesting quotes: "The Lord Jehovah reminds Paul that His power is most evident when it works through weak and imperfect humans." I think that's exactly what's going on. And it's near miraculous that when really necessary Jehovah seems to provide brothers with the expertise needed at a particular juncture.

The article also says Paul "speaks figuratively of “a thorn in the flesh,” apparently a persistent affliction that was causing him physical or emotional pain." Yeah. Why do the unintellectual things bother me so much?! Jehovah says "my kindness is all you need." Great post!

[Tom replies: We’re on the same page in so many things, Cory. Thanks. My WIP, due out in just a few days, deals with many of these issues.]

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