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My Quora Answers: Part 2

Q:Are Jehovah's Witness cult members anti-politics and anti-military because of their organizations failed attempt to join the United Nations?

A: They are not ‘anti’ either. They are simply non-participants, recognizing neither as the path through which God’s kingdom will ‘come’ and his will be done ’on earth as it is in heaven.’ Nor did they ever try to join the UN, though they did once register as an NGO out of someone’s bright idea that such gave them better access to documents and library materials. That person has been confined to the Bethel basement peeling potatoes for decades now.

A: The ‘superstition’ has benefited far more people than it has harmed. This is because courageous doctors have sought to accomodate it and in doing so have recognized risks and vastly reduced ‘unnecessary’ transfusions that amount to little more than ‘topping of the tank.’ It is the only conclusion one can come to upon reading sources such as New Scientist’s article, ‘An Act of Faith in the Operating Room,’ in which the act of faith is not withholding a transfusion; it is giving one.
A: They haven’t changed or removed one, save for a few that all modern scholars have agreed are spurious—ones that do not appear in the oldest of manuscripts.

A: Some of them will use such questions in the way politicians do. Ignore it and just use it as a platform to say whatever they want to on the topic. This is especially so if the question is ridiculous.

JWs are among the very few faiths that will not pick up arms (weapons) for any reason. They have solved racism (JWs in the U.S. are almost exactly 1/3 white, 1/3 black, and 1/3 Hispanic). Everyone should be as ‘evil’ and ‘abusive’ as they. Then this world might have more of a future than it does.

You should get treatment for your OCD.


A: “That they may know that thou alone, whose name is Jehovah, Art the Most High over all the earth.” (Psalm 83:18, ASV)

Do you think there is an angel recognized as “the Most High over all the earth?” Or do you think it is God revealing his name?

A: Yes. Because as a people, they are trustworthy.
Q: Do JW churches not have clocks or windows inside? If this is true, what is the reasoning behind it?

A: They have both clocks and windows. The clocks are so people can tell what time it is. The windows are to look through and let in natural light. If there are fewer windows than one might expect it is because vandals have been known to break windows.


Q: What is your opinion of Serena William’s decision to leave Jehovah’s Witnesses?

A: I’m not aware that she did. In view of a series of posts I wrote about her, I rather doubt she did. Since those posts were written she went on to get baptized:

A: Some tire of the message that God’s kingdom is the only answer to man’s distress. Some begin think the politicians will yet pull off a solution, or if they don’t, we’ll all go down together. Some become like Demas, who left ‘because he loved the present system of things.’ Some fixate on the flaws, real or perceived, of their fellows and lose sight that JW is a system of worshipping God. Some decide there is no God. Some are unforgiving. ‘If errors were watch you watch, O God, who could stand?’ says the psalm. Errors are what people watch for today—society is geared that way—and for such people, nobody stands.

Some do have regrets and some return.

A: Within a family they generally do.

A: There was once a time when writing to only those persons relevant was not interpreted as attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of everyone else.

A: The movement hails from the late 19th century, is seen to be a return to first-century Christianity, and they were originally just called ‘Bible Students.’ Charles Russell, a Pittsburgh businessman, played a role in gathering a small group together. To understand any unfamiliar Bible verse, they would look up and compare all other verses dealing with that topic, writing down the result, in this way letting the Bible interpret itself.

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